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Why Don't We Spice Things Up A Bit

Updated: May 25, 2020

Here at The Bayside Bed and Breakfast, we love to cook - anytime of day!

Breakfast is part of our name & all of our guests enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning. Did you know that we also serve evening meals ?

When people come to visit Newfoundland, they expect certain things. Certain foods, like crab, cod, mussels, moose...the local stuff and we are pleased to offer that.

Mind you, it helps that Port de Grave harbour is just up the road. The guests that do take advantage of the supper option are never disappointed. The moose pies and burgers are home made with moose that Basil was able to nab himself. The crab is caught by our local fishermen and the sweetest that you'll find anywhere around. Basil even manages to catch a few of the cod himself. He prepares a light batter for the cod. And for some who want something a little lighter, we have a baked cod with a tasty Panko coating. This year we've added Fish Tacos to the menu. Yum! 

But the one thing that they all have in common is - all of our evening meals feature various spices that we obtain from a local business, called Newfoundland Seasonings.

Their slogan is " Bold, yet friendly, like a Newfoundlander". The spices are all natural, and they use the highest quality of local and imported spices. We discovered them the first year we moved here at the local Bay Roberts' Songs, Stages and Seafood Festival and have used them ever since. So many of our guests have tried to coerce Basil into giving out his secret recipes but the only thing he'll admit to is that Newfoundland Seasonings are an important part of the blend.

We've even started selling small packets to our guests. They make a great gift to take back home. They're small and light and you don't have to remember a t-shirt size! We carry the Moose Spice, Cod Spice, Steak and Burger and a unique blend called a Taste of 'Ome. If you see them in your travels, pick up a package. Or better yet, stop by and pick up a package or two from us! 

You can see all of their products on their site, Newfoundland Seasonings

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